How to do programming on android phone

Yes, you can do programming on any android phone by using a app name Dcoder.

Dcoder is a mobile code compiler, an IDE for mobile. Now you can code on mobile anywhere anytime.

It offers you to write, compile, run and debug code snippets in more than 13 different programming languages including C, C++ , C#, JAVA, PYTHON, PHP, RUBY, HTML, SWIFT, KOTLIN and many more.

You can attach your keyboard with your phone and do programming as writing with phone keyboard things become little difficult and slow.


Yes you can practice basic coding by using websites like:

  1. W3Schools Online Web Tutorials (HTML CSS, JS with Try it editor)
  2. Online Java Compiler – Online Java Editor – Online Java IDE – Java Coding Online – Practice Java Online – Execute Java Online – Compile Java Online – Run Java Online ( for Java)
  3. (Javascript, HTML, CSS)
  4. (For C)
  5. WriteCodeOnline – PHP | write and run php code online (For PHP)
  6. Execute Python Online (For Python)

A complete list of all online editors – Free Online IDE and Terminal

Though you may be able to learn and run codes online you wont get the maximum flexibility and ease of use that you get from IDE and File Systems that your Computer/ Laptop provides.

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